Our Electrical Division handles all aspects of Electrical Works and the services consist of Mains Installation...

    In the world of renewable energy we cast quite a shadow. innovative products and services...
  • Fire safety is crucial for business owners.

    A fire can ignite in an instant and spread rapidly. Businesses that invest in fire prevention systems gain significantly when they perform as intended.

ControlTap General Contracting Company

ControlTap is a general contracting company in Saudi Arabia with extensive experience in MEP systemsFlooring – waterproofing in large-scale and challenging projects. MEP stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering, and these three technical disciplines encompass the systems that make buildings suitable for human occupancy. We know the dynamics of fast-track schedules and rigorous construction standards and exactly how project team members can best collaborate…


When selecting an electrical contractor, you should learn what they do. Do electricians only deal with electricity? Do electrical contractors have the required qualifications? 

Established with a vision to redefine MEP services, ControlTap has swiftly become a key player in the Saudi Arabian construction scene. The company’s commitment to excellence and innovative solutions has set it apart in a competitive market.

Most of the composite material known as concrete comprises Portland cement, water, and aggregate (gravel, sand, or rock).

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We provides the skill, expertise, experience, and resources essential to meet the demands of today’s fast-track projects. Since its inception, controltap has provided fully engineered building service solutions to construction projects. Its track record includes some of the most prestigious and iconic developments, from factories, warehouses, and malls.

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