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Controltap Specialized Contracting Company

Controltap is a global specialized contracting company with experience in specialized contracting on large-scale and challenging projects. We know the dynamics of fast-track schedules, rigorous construction standards, and how project team members can best collaborate.
Our experience and expertise allow us to undertake projects across a wide variety of sectors around the world, including transportation, international airports, warehouses, factories, roads, ports, technological buildings, healthcare facilities, sports facilities, education and culture establishments, commercial buildings, hotels, and industrial facilities.

 We provides the skill, expertise, experience, and resources essential to meet the demands of today’s fast-track projects. Since its inception, Controltap has provided fully engineered building service solutions to construction projects. Its track record includes some of the most prestigious and iconic developments, from factories, warehouses, and malls, to leisure and exhibition spaces. The essential services that Controltap provides to clients include turnkey construction services and planning, facilities management including contract work, complete maintenance, and call-out facilities management services. Energy optimization helps reduce operational costs and prolong plant life through energy audits and advanced energy-saving methods.

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Additionally, Project Quantity Surveying ,Budget and BOQ production are services offered. Furthering its belief in bringing the best and most systems designs innovative , technology and equipment to bear on every project, ControlTap sees its large, reliable workforce as its greatest asset. It is fully committed to enhancing its people’s skills and personal development through a technical and soft skills training program at its MEP Technical Training and Development Department. Whatever your project needs, ControlTap will ensure that it is delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards. 

Since we started, we have built our reputation on outstanding design concepts and timely project delivery. We have the resources and experience to meet the needs of various clients.


Controltap is a leading general contracting company in the residential, commercial, industrial, hotel, and various project sectors. The company strives to provide cost savings and ensure high-quality results while adhering to tight schedules in the most challenging projects.