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Concrete Flooring

Portland cement, water, and aggregate comprise most of the composite material known as concrete (gravel, sand, or rock). These components join to form a workable paste that gradually gets tougher over time. It is an essential building material frequently used in dam construction, bridges, and buildings. Additional applications for it include pipelines, curbs, drainage, pavement, and structural uses. A concrete floor generally has a flat slab of concrete constructed in a factory or produced on-site. A rebar is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires frequently used to strengthen concrete. It is also known as reinforcement steel. Rebar must make up for the fact that concrete is relatively weak in tension, even if it is vital in compression. Rebar is inserted into concrete to carry tensile stresses and boost overall strength.

Structural concrete floors are typical in busy business spaces like garages and warehouses since they are exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting by nature. The advantages of using concrete as flooring for dwellings are comparable. Since high heels, furniture legs, and heavy equipment will not scratch the surface, it is impossible to damage the floor. Finally, even conceivable, it takes a lot of effort to chip or damage a concrete surface.

Maintaining a concrete floor in top condition is manageable. Every one to three years, depending on the amount of traffic, it has to be sealed or waxed to maintain the protective covering. You may occasionally use a neutral cleaning solution to sweep the floor and a blue utility pad for adamant stains. When an existing structural slab has been transformed into a finished residential flooring surface, such as when a basement or loft condo has been converted into a house, this problem tends to arise more frequently. Concrete floors are also prone to settling and breaking with time. Significant fissures in the floor can be filled, ground, and refinished to restore their sheen.

Concrete Flooring by ControlTap Contracting Company

ControlTap is an excellent option if you’re seeking the best flooring solutions in KSA. We provide various flooring options to satisfy our clients’ different flooring requirements. We want to provide exceptional service in terms of quality and appeal because we believe in excellence. Therefore, we provide a variety of flooring alternatives to meet your changing demands (of both residential and commercial buildings). Our company philosophy is to view each client relationship as an adventure to provide customers with the goods and services that best meet their needs. We are aware that different corporate and commercial buildings, as well as residential and commercial spaces, have different needs. Since we specialize in meeting their specific needs, our clients value us.

Depending on the company’s needs, we provide on-ground, mezzanine, over-screed, and other concrete slabs. We also offer the finest quality following the European standard code TR.34. controltap provides the greatest free mobility floor categorization (FM1, FM2, FM3). We adhere to global safety standards. We efficiently offer direct circulation in very narrow aisles (VNA). Because we don’t rely on any vendors or third parties, our service is time and money-efficient, thanks to the in-house design of concrete slabs. controltap has a joint venture with Beton Concrete Finishing & Compaction Company, a top provider of flooring equipment in Europe.

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ControlTap is a global specialized contracting company with its expertise in ( MEP systems – Flooring – waterproofing ) in large scale and challenging projects.

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