Handing Over Babtain Project


ControlTap contracting company is pleased to announce the completion of our new project with Babtain company, it was an honor to work with such a reputable and respective company. ControlTap flooring team executed 6,000 m2 using the steel fiber reinforced concrete supplied by FORCETECH steel fiber company to guarantee high quality.FORCETECH has extensive experience in steel fiber manufacturing that earned a very strong reputation in such a short time among both domestic and foreign markets.ControlTap MEP department executed electrical works and HVAC works as follow :

SCOPE OF WORK LIST of Babtain Project :

 ❏ HVAC System :

1. Supply & installation of DX-A/C units.

2. Supply & installation of Refrigeration pipes.

❏ Fire Protections System :

1. Supply & installation of pipes networks.

2. Supply & installation of sprinkle system .

3. Supply & installation of Firefighting pump set.

4.Supply & installation of FM-200 system.

5.Supply and installation of Fire extinguisher .

6.Supply & installation of Fire hose cabinet.

7.Supply & installation of zone Control Valves set.


❏ Plumbing System:

1.Supply & insulation of Drainage system .

2.Supply& insulation of Domestic water system.

3.Supply & installation of manholes.

4.Supply & installation of Sanitary Fixtures.

5.Supply & installation of pumping system.

6.Supply & installation of Drainage accessories.


1.Supply & installation of H.V/L.V cabling works .

2.Supply & installation of lighting systems .

3.Supply & installation of Power Distribution System .

4.Supply & installation of LV Switchgear .

5.Supply & installation of CCTV Systems .

6.Supply & installation of Fire Alarm and security Systems.