New contract with Creet Company Nupco Project

New contract with Creet Company Nupco Project

Happy to announce that a new contract between ControlTap Company and Creet Intl has been signed. Contracting Company Ltd. to execute Electrical and Communication work in NUPCO Dammam Warehouse.

Our scope of work in this project is as follows:

1. Cable try works Scope of work:

Installation of cable tray and cable tray fitting & supply supporting systems like (Threaded Rod, Nuts, Spring nut C-channels, etc… and any building requirements) the supporting material as per approved material submittal and work as per approved shop drawing and required equipment (man-lift ).

2. Small Power  Installations scope of work:

Insulation of wiring devices and industrial sockets, compact distribution boxes & floor boxes in offices and warehouses areas, etc…, including all required insulation works (conduit, wiring, receptacles, support) as per approved shop drawings.

Floor box -including wiring devices inside desks and furniture, to be coordinated with the furniture supplier.

3. Installation of safety switch:

Including fixation of support, termination, labeling, testing, and commission of safety switch.

4. Lighting Installations  Scope of work:

Installation of lighting in offices and warehouse areas etc…, including all required works for installation (conduit, wiring, boxes, support ) according to approved shop drawings.

5. Lighting Control Installations:

Install lighting Control devices complete, including outlet boxes, cabling up to panel, accessories, and final connection, all by the drawings and specifications.

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