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Controltap’s quality assurance is a component of quality management focusing on giving confidence that quality requirements will be satisfied. Quality assurance boosts management’s trust, internally and externally, among consumers, authorities, regulators, certifiers, and other parties. All the planned and systematic actions conducted inside the quality system that can be proved to offer confidence that a product or service will satisfy standards for quality is an alternative definition. Controltap’s quality control, on the other hand, is described as a component of quality management focused on meeting quality criteria. While quality control is mainly the inspection component of quality management, quality assurance is more concerned with how a process is carried out or how a product is manufactured at Controltap. The operational approaches and actions utilized to meet standards for quality is a different definition.

Controltap is sincerely devoted to delivering high-quality construction while strictly upholding HSE standards throughout the board. Negligence in the areas of quality and HSE is not tolerated at all. We see it as our duty to ensure that top and lower management adheres to our company’s health and safety procedures. At our locations, we want to make sure there are no accidents. Our priority list includes quality control, and health, safety, and environmental (HSE) protection; we do not take any chances with them.


Quality Control

Controltap can also optimize your procedures to stop mistakes from happening . The steps below are what we do when conducting quality control management product or service reviews:

  • Verify that everything is functioning as intended throughout the quality planning step.
  • Analyze the efficiency of your predetermined procedures and verify that all compliance requirements are satisfied.
  • Note any knowledge gained.
  • Determine the places where a smoother procedure could be possible.

Controltap Quality Management System (QMS) comprises four primary elements . As follows:

  • It is known as quality control planning to identify your quality objectives, standards, and requirements, as well as the steps that will be taken to ensure that they are being fulfilled.
  • Quality Assurance is the procedure of checking and verifying what you specified at the planning stage to ensure that it is physically feasible.
  • Reviewing the service delivery process or the quality management manufacture of commodities is known as quality assurance.
  • Quality Improvement is achieved by Carefully considering the results of the previous three components and devising a plan to make future improvements to your procedures.

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ControlTap is a global specialized contracting company with its expertise in ( MEP systems – Flooring – waterproofing ) in large scale and challenging projects.

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