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Health, Safety, and the Environment (HSE) is a collection of processes and procedures for evaluating possible risks in a given environment, creating best practices to lessen or eliminate those risks, and then educating staff members on accident response, prevention, and other related topics.

Given the importance of our employees, the location, and the local population, we closely adhere to our HSE practices. Every so often, we evaluate how we performed against those standards, and we also make any improvements that are required. Our whole HSE program complies with OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 9001 standards.

Controltap ensures that:

There is competent and active top-down leadership

  • Incorporating excellent health and safety practices into corporate decisions.
  • Visible active board commitment.
  • Effective ‘downward’ communication channels and management structures.

Involvement of Work

  • Involve the workers in developing and creating secure and wholesome environments.
  • ‘Upward’ communication that is effective.
  • Delivering top-notch safety instruction.

Evaluation and Review

  • Recognizing and controlling hazards to one’s health and safety.
  • Obtaining (and heeding) reliable guidance.
  • Monitoring, reporting, and performance evaluation.

Every step of the safety management process requires planning. Due to appropriate planning, Controltap has identified the risks, weaknesses, and a mitigation strategy for unforeseen situations. A long-term contractor safety method must start with a solid safety management plan. This plan covers every aspect of safety management that a business must handle. Controltap details how we plan to uphold state and federal safety regulations, safeguard our employees and the environment from harm, and decrease liability to protect their bottom line. This covers everything, including physical resources and outside vendors.

Controltap’s efficient safety management strategy thoroughly studies current dangers, particularly regarding the site context. Personnel responsible for developing a strategy must first identify all prospective risks and unanticipated hazards that would otherwise go unaccounted for. These dangers should be weighed against existing circumstances, including the setting, design, machinery, and tools.

Sustainability & Environment

Controltap is dedicated to safeguarding ecosystem sustainability and protecting the environment. We are devoted to abiding by all environmental rules and laws. Using green principles, we design our projects responsibly in collaboration with the government, regulatory bodies, and clients. Regarding this, we make sure to:

  • Reduce energy use.
  • Reduce the adverse effects of our commercial operations on the environment.
  • Take action to lessen air and noise pollution.
  • Encourage the optimal use of natural resources by reducing and recycling trash.

About ControlTap

ControlTap is a global specialized contracting company with its expertise in ( MEP systems – Flooring – waterproofing ) in large scale and challenging projects.

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