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Commercial Concrete Flooring in Saudi Arabia

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Elevate your commercial spaces with durable concrete flooring solutions by ControlTap in Saudi Arabia. Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and durability tailored for your business. Our expert team at ControlTap specializes in delivering top-tier commercial concrete flooring, ensuring a lasting impression and performance. Explore innovative designs and reliable installations – choose excellence for your commercial flooring needs in  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

We have years of experience in commercial concrete flooring, specializing in our proprietary process of resurfacing existing concrete. This process includes stamping, staining, or polishing concrete floors in high-profile reception areas, offices, salons, restaurants, and retail buildings where low maintenance, easy care, and durability are paramount.

In addition to these benefits, polished concrete floors are straightforward to clean. We provide various color selections, finishes, and design choices, including individualized logos to coordinate with the rest of your branding materials.

Flooring made of polished concrete.

Our qualified personnel provide a surface of polished concrete that is high-gloss and requires a lesser level of care. We have decades of combined expertise and valuable credentials to ensure your project will be completed successfully.

Flooring for Interior Commercial Spaces

Controltap is the choice for interior commercial applications among industry specialists. Concrete floors are a favorite among architects, interior designers, and company owners for several reasons, including their affordability, durability, lifespan, simplicity of upkeep, and plain old beauty.

Flooring for Outside of Commercial Buildings

Controltap is a refinishing company for general builders, designers, landscape architects, and business owners who want to update the look of their sidewalks, driveways, restaurant patios, outside reception areas, and strip malls. Concrete flooring designed for commercial use may be found almost everywhere.

Why Work With Us?


The ability of commercial concrete floors to handle strong foot and vehicle traffic and prevent abrasions and stains makes them an excellent choice for settings with a high volume of foot and vehicle traffic.

Concrete floors may also be given textures and finishes that reduce the risk of slipping, and all of our concrete surfaces come with a guarantee!


When you already have an existing concrete slab prepared for stamping, staining, or resurfacing with a decorative overlay, installing a commercial decorative concrete floor may be accomplished at a lower cost than would otherwise be necessary.

The price is often far more affordable than carpeting, marble, or wood, and it rarely has to be replaced.


Concrete surfaces outside a building may be cleaned with high-pressure water or scraped with a light detergent. In contrast to commercial carpets and other flooring solutions, concrete floors are resistant to mold growth and other allergies.

Concrete may be cleaned quickly using a damp mop and a cleaner with a neutral pH. When maintained properly, concrete flooring in business spaces may retain its pristine appearance even after years of foot traffic.

When it comes to commercial work, we take pride in our reputation

The slate, stone, brick, and even wood plank stamp designs that we provide are excellent choices for use in commercial settings like restaurants and offices.

One of our specialties for concrete patios and courtyards is the hand-cut and custom-color method of manufacturing concrete to resemble actual flagstone or cobblestone. This is something that we do in our concrete fabrication process.

In addition, the hundreds of different color choices and application methods allow us to create unique appearances tailored to your company. The best part is that most of our projects are overlays, which means that our work is completed more quickly, with less downtime, and at a lower cost than alternative materials.

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About ControlTap

ControlTap is a global General contracting company with expertise in MEP systems – Flooring and waterproofing in large-scale and challenging projects.

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