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Design & Engineering

Concrete Flooring

Most of the composite material known as concrete comprises Portland cement, water, and aggregate (gravel, sand or rock). These components join together to form a workable paste that gradually gets tougher over time. It is an essential building material frequently used in dam construction, bridges, and buildings. In addition, it can be used for pipes, curbs, drains, pavement, and structural applications.

Concrete floors have several benefits in terms of durability, acoustics, strength, stiffness, span, fire resistance, and maintenance. Typically, a concrete floor features a flat slab of concrete that was either cast on site or built in a factory. Rebar, often known as steel bars or steel wire mesh, is widely used to reinforce concrete.

Additionally, it is referred to as reinforcing steel and reinforcement steel. Rebar must compensate for the fact that concrete, despite being strong in compression, is comparatively weak in tension. Therefore, rebar is placed into concrete to carry tensile loads and increase overall strength.

Design & Engineering of Concrete Flooring

Clients have always worried about renovating or designing new floorings for either their residential or commercial properties. No need to worry anymore! Trust Controltap to handle it; we’ve got your back!

Controltap creates flooring for you using CAD software. We have a group of top-notch engineering designers capable of coming up with a variety of designs along with completing structural calculations. A wide range of industries utilizes CAD software to make sketches and models. It may provide precise measurements for both 3D models and 2D drawings.

Engineering and industrial design are all daily responsibilities for Controltap. Most companies and individuals have already included CAD in their development cycles, significantly increasing their productivity.

Advantages of Computer-Aided Flooring Design

Traditionally, the team had to start over when a design didn’t work as anticipated. Design teams can regulate the quality of the finished engineered product by using CAD. Before any prototypes are created, it is simple to look into an error, identify the issue, and fix it all using the programme. This helps you save time and money.

Secondly, Controltap understands the value of sharing designs with the clients. With CAD software, teamwork is straightforward. One person can make a design and send it to another, who can review the design history to determine exactly what was done and how. CAD makes collaboration simple, especially for remote teams.

Lastly, drawings are often complex for engineers to communicate their thoughts. Paper and pencil drawings are frequently vague, making them difficult for team members without industrial design or engineering experience to understand. CAD drawings are easy to read since they are structured and standardized. The graphics are easy to understand, and legibility has improved.

Controltap’s Design & Engineering Services

Our team consists of excellent engineers, designers, architects, project managers, and specialists to provide our clients with seamless, top-notch services. We are aware that the construction industry is changing every day due to modern best practices and new technological advancements.

To give you the most extraordinary mix of services, our team at Controltap receives continual training to help them adapt to new procedures, cutting-edge technology, and excellent practices. Controltap, a recognized construction company, guarantees using advanced technology and materials of the highest calibre to realize all your construction ambitions.

About ControlTap

ControlTap is a global specialized contracting company with its expertise in ( MEP systems – Flooring – waterproofing ) in large scale and challenging projects.

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