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Electrical Contractor in Saudi Arabia

Electrical Contractor in Saudi Arabia

An electrical contractor is a tradesperson licensed to work on electrical systems. Compliance with specific regulatory criteria is a requirement for electrical contractor accreditation. The numerous regulations cover various tasks that an electrical contractor might complete. In an increasingly connected culture, electrical contractors are essential to the building.

What is an Electrical Contractor?

When selecting an electrical contractor, you might need to learn what they do. Do electricians only deal with electricity? Do electrical contractors have the required qualifications? In summary,

Electrical = the industry | Contractor = a person or business that works in that industry

A licensed individual or business like Controltap, which uses electrical equipment to power many places, is an electrical contractor. They perform their duties in various domains, including industrial, residential, and commercial buildings. A contractor’s duties may change depending on the type of work, their industry, and the requirements of each assignment. For example, a licensed electrical contractor may be qualified to hire additional electricians to work for them or their electrical business in addition to doing maintenance and repair activities. In the construction industry, electrical contractors can be divided into three general categories:

Firstly, inside electrical contractors: As the name suggests, professionals look after the inside electrical structures. That would include light fixtures, power outlets, and other interior-related elements. Secondly, outside electrical contractors: As you might have guessed, these professionals look after outdoor systems. They include linemen who maintain telephone and power lines. Lastly, contractors who work with integrated building systems oversee the electrical components of those systems (i.e., access and climate control, networks, lighting, etc.).

Controltap’s Responsibilities

Along with fulfilling administrative responsibilities and providing first-rate customer support, Controltap performs various tasks linked to creating and maintaining electrical equipment. Managing paperwork, making appointments, and speaking with clients are a few administrative and customer service duties. In addition, Controltap regularly maintains equipment by checking it, replacing or repairing broken parts, and turning electrical systems back on. Controltap’s equipment can be used in various locations, including offices, retail establishments, and construction sites. We use power tools, state of the art machines to install wiring.

For example, it would be reasonable to think that electrical contractors employed before the building’s construction would select and install the best system for the client’s needs. While this is happening, the installed system may need to be upgraded or maintained by electrical contractors who serve an existing facility. Controltap manages employee scheduling and performing the actual task to ensure it is completed on time. This requires proficiency with third-party software.

Controltap Services

We at Controltap are electrical contractors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and provide residential, industrial, and commercial electrical services. Due to our professional image and relationships, most businesses we collaborate with, to provide excellent electrical services, refer to us as experienced electrical contractors.

The Electrical Division performs various electrical tasks for factories, skyscrapers, warehouses, and other commercial properties. Controltap has completed several notable projects and has swiftly established itself in the industry. The list of services we offer is given below:

  • V / L.V cabling works
  • V Electrical Substations
  • Lighting & Power Distribution System
  • Diesel Generator
  • UPS System
  • LV Switchgears
  • Motor control center (MCC), Control Panels …etc.
  • ELV SystemsTop of Form

The services offered by our electrical division include street lighting installation and supply, mains installation, small power installation, internal, external, and emergency lighting, underground and overhead cabling, execution of substation and sub-central power station, transformers, generators, standby generator installation, busbars, and all works related to above (MATV, Interco).

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About ControlTap

ControlTap is a global specialized General contracting company with expertise in MEP systems – Flooring – waterproofing in large-scale and challenging projects in Saudi Arabia.

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