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Floor Renovation System (F.R.S)

Elevate your space with the leading Floor Renovation System (F.R.S) services in Saudi Arabia. Experience quality, durability, and style like never before. Transform your floors with F.R.S excellence. The top layer of the concrete surface is removed using tiny grinding and polishing equipment as part of the Floor Renovation System (FRS). This process is carried out in a laboratory setting.

The grinding done to the floor is so light that there is not even a step or deviation generated at the surface of the concrete. Once applied, the densifier and sealer will penetrate deep into the core of the concrete surface.

This will make the treated concrete floor slab harder and more abrasion-resistant. Additionally, the structural integrity of the concrete will be improved, and the surface will be dust-proofed.

At ControlTap, we provide a wide range of flooring services to help you get the most bang for your buck from the home improvement project you’re working on. We are flooring contractors that are not affiliated with any specific manufacturer.

Once you have shared your goals about remodeling your home or place of business, we will work on bringing your ideas to fruition.

Quick while not breaking the bank

As renovation contractors, we know how disruptive and difficult the remodeling process can be for a person’s home or place of business.

Because of this, we not only complete your job promptly but also strive to get all the necessary components at the most affordable cost possible. Whether you need a new backsplash for your kitchen at home or a new bathroom tile at the workplace, we will do our best to identify the most affordable options and work out a convenient timetable for you.

Polishing new and old concrete and dry-shake floors in industrial settings is becoming increasingly common. Clients’ norm was to specify traditional, outmoded epoxy resin coatings or floor paints to solve their concrete floor refurbishment needs.

However, now that Controltap’s revolutionary Floor Renovation System (FRS) is available on the market, clients are hastily specifying a polishing system that is cost-effective, durable, and easy to maintain.

Increases Structural Integrity

The FRS improves the structural qualities of the concrete floor slab by providing additional reinforcement. Because the abrasion resistance of the concrete is increased by up to 500% thanks to the sealer, and the structural integrity of the concrete surface is increased by 400% thanks to the FR’s densifier. The floor will be better able to handle heavy foot and forklift traffic during serviceability.

What We Do

Over the last decade, we have been renovating flooring in different areas. Our locally-owned business complies with all regulations and has full insurance coverage.

In addition, we provide remodeling consultation services for individuals and commercial property owners interested in giving their kitchens or bathrooms a new design but need help to achieve the desired effect.

We’d like to ask you for our opinion and price quote. So, what are you waiting for? Please get in touch with Controltap now and get the best services.

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ControlTap is a global General contracting company with expertise in MEP systems – Flooring and waterproofing in large-scale and challenging projects.

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