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Jointless Steel Fiber Floors For An Increased Capacity

Jointless steel fiber floors are a contemporary, high-quality alternative to typical concrete floors with saw-cut joints. These floors are strengthened with steel fibers that are spread throughout the concrete.

In most cases, we would refer to a floor as jointless when the distance between joints is at least 12 meters, but in exceptional circumstances, this distance may exceed 45-50 meters. In the real world, it is feasible to construct a concrete floor with a total area of up to 2500 m2 without using saw-cut joints.

When producing jointless flooring, the fields are restricted and shaped with the help of factory-produced specific profiles for dilatation joints. These profiles have dowels attached and incorporated protection for the margins of the joint.

Benefits of Jointless Steel Fiber

  • Because fiber can handle plastic weights, the floor may have a thinner profile than floors with traditional reinforcement.
  • A potential reduction in joint length of up to 75%.
  • Reducing the likelihood of joints being compromised and the associated operations that must be undertaken to restore them results in decreased floor maintenance expenses.
  • Reduced floor curling reduces expenses for maintaining and repairing warehouse equipment (forklift trucks, reach trucks, VNA machines, etc).
  • Increased velocity of the service equipment.
  • Increased effectiveness of the operations inside the warehouse.
  • A lower number of health complaints from those operating the equipment that services the warehouse.
  • An appearance that is pleasing to the eye on the floor.
  • Enhanced resilience to both static and impact loads.
  • There will be less wear and tear on the edges and corners.

Industrial concrete floors are used in various settings, including but not limited to warehouses, manufacturing facilities for multiple goods, logistics centers, indoor and outdoor parking lots, outdoor locations, and any other environment in which a quality floor is necessary.

The jointless floor allows you maximum freedom in the placement of the racks and reduced maintenance expenses!

Characteristics of a Jointless Floor Slab

Reduced maintenance expenses

Using uniformly mixed steel fibers eliminates the requirement for sawn-induced contraction joints, a significant source of floor issues and the costliest aspect of the continuing floor and equipment maintenance.

MHE effectiveness

With no sawn-induced contraction joints and just steel-armored construction joints at the panel’s edges, MHE equipment can run at peak efficiency.

Accelerated production time

With steel fiber reinforcement included in the concrete, steel reinforcement is not required before concrete work, and huge panels may be poured continuously, creating a safer working environment.

Enhanced long-term tolerances for flatness

SFRC decreases plastic settling, allowing for larger flatness tolerances without further grinding.

Enhanced durability and longevity

Reduced slab thickness, cement substitution, and the ability to employ revalued fibers. The incorporation of steel fibers within concrete increases its resistance to impact.

Optimized design

Value-engineered solutions provide a variety of cost-saving advantages, including greater productivity, thinner floor slabs that need less concrete, and optimum pile spacing and size.

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