Plumbing & Drainage

Plumbing & Drainage

It is common to use the phrases drainage and plumbing interchangeably to describe the network of pipes that supports a home’s functionality. However, the two systems and the occupations are very different from one another. Distinction is essential when it comes to problems and knowing who to call. For example, an ordinary plumber might not have the specialized knowledge or experience to handle drainage issues, such as blocked sewage lines. A summary of the key differences between the two systems is that the inability of your toilet to flush suggests a plumbing problem. If the drainage is clogged, a problem develops. What sets plumbing apart from drainage, then? More information will be provided in this article.

In general, plumbing refers to the mechanism for bringing fresh, clean water (and gas) into your home. For example, when you turn on a tap, the plumbing system immediately sends water from your water supply through an underground pipe network. Any technique for eliminating water from your property is called drainage. Drainage occurs when you use the toilet, empty a sink or bathtub, or pull the plug.

Difference between Plumbing & Drainage

The plumbing system is what brings water into a building. Your water supplier’s underground pipe network supplies the clean water that runs through your plumbing system. Leaks in plumbing pipes are uncomfortable but easily fixed with little harm. Because of the water pressure, you can typically detect when a plumbing pipe starts to leak because a fountain of water may appear. A plumbing service like Controltap can quickly get you back to normal by fixing or replacing a damaged plumbing pipe.

On the other hand, a structure’s drainage system eliminates water. Drainage includes the removal of wastewater from your property. Drainage pipes are angled downward to allow water to drain away using gravity to a sewage treatment facility or septic tank. Drainage problems may raise even more red flags. Instead of being drained, water that collects around a building’s foundation can lead to mildew, mould, and even structural damage. Even after a drainage pipe has been fixed, a leak can still be annoying and problematic, especially if filthy wastewater has been seeping into the floor of your house.

The good news is that Controltap is always available to assist, regardless of whether you have an issue with your drainage pipes or plumbing pipes.

Benefits of an Effective Drainage System

An efficient drainage system ensures that your home or place of business is clean and that all waste is removed effectively. Conversely, a drainage system or drain that was inadequately installed or destroyed may cause the following problems:

  • Poor drainage can accumulate mould, mildew, and moisture in your home.
  • Poor drainage can cause frequent pipe blockages, resulting in overflowing sewers.
  • Water collecting in puddles around your home or garden.
  • Insufficient drainage might endanger the structure of your property.
  • An improperly installed or functioning drainage system can also leave your home with a foul odour.
  • Rats or other rodents entering faulty piping.

Controltap’s Plumbing & Drainage Services

Plumbing is yet another essential component required during building construction and after that. Controltap ensures the best plumbing services in Saudi Arabia by providing top-notch quality and outstanding customer service. Controltap also offers a complete range of installations and performs plumbing work for commercial and industrial buildings throughout the Kingdom. As a result, we can simultaneously complete the design, supply, and installation of various plumbing systems for numerous large-scale projects. Controltap’s services include:

  1. Domestic water supply systems
  2. Water supply pumps
  3. Filtration systems
  4. Water Softening systems
  5. Water Tanks (GRP, PVC …etc.)
  6. Hot Water & Steam Boilers

Controltap is a specialist in plumbing and drainage, so no matter how big or little the problem, we can respond right away.

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