Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors

Step into a realm of polished perfection with our exquisite Polished Concrete Floors. At the intersection of aesthetics and endurance, our flooring solutions redefine spaces, reflecting light and style in every gleam. Whether for commercial spaces or modern homes, our polished concrete floors offer not just durability but a canvas for architectural expression. Explore the brilliance of low-maintenance luxury and elevate your environment with the timeless sophistication of polished concrete

Polished Concrete flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option for commercial, industrial, and residential facilities.

Polished concrete is a flexible and low-maintenance flooring solution for existing or new interior or outdoor concrete floors since it is available in various gloss levels and aggregate exposures.

We will give superior craftsmanship and service to your concrete polishing jobs, yielding stunning results.

Honed Concrete

The phrase “honed concrete” refers to a degree of grinding that gives a uniform and matte surface. Honed Concrete is an excellent outdoor flooring option for concrete in outdoor settings, and we grind to the required aggregate exposure before applying a penetrating sealant.

Leaving a durable, nonslip surface on your outside concrete slab. Honed concrete creates a magnificent design statement in alfresco exterior spaces and is equally significant in an outdoor entertainment area or around a pool.

Controltap provides an extensive selection of concrete grinding and surface preparation services. Grinding concrete is a cost-effective method for preparing surfaces for new flooring and removing old coverings.

The time and effort required to prepare a concrete floor might vary considerably. The importance, shape, and degree of preparation needed before painting or tiling a concrete slab rely on its type and condition, exposure, and intended outcome.

Because our handheld and remote grinding machines link effortlessly to dust extractors, there is little to no airborne dust.

Revitalize your Floors

Using a mix of grinding, filling, sealing, and polishing procedures, even older, damaged, or worn-out concrete floors may be revitalized with today’s technology. As requested, we may color-dye your flooring, add ornamental flourishes, and install safety and traffic markings.

We will assess the state of your floor and work with you to choose the solution that best meets your demands and budget.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring by Controltap


Polished concrete floors are ground, densified, and sealed to withstand chemical damage, stains from paints, oils, and other liquids, impact traumas, and variations in temperature and moisture.


The homogeneous surface of polished concrete offers a sturdy, slip-resistant surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic, preventing accidents.

To safeguard your customers and staff, anti-slip aggregates may be included in the surface and traffic pattern, and safety indicators can be installed.

Easy to Maintain

The only care required for polished concrete floors is an occasional wet cleaning or polishing. Because they do not need stripping and waxing, grout restoration, specialized cleaning equipment, supplies, or other expensive regular maintenance, you save money on both time and materials.


Polishing your concrete floor is more cost-effective than installing a new floor. Polished concrete requires minimum upkeep, therefore saving money from the outset.

In addition, polished concrete floors may provide high light reflection, giving your business a bright, clean appearance without the need for expensive overhead lighting. According to studies, highly reflective polished concrete floors can reduce your energy bill.


Existing concrete surfaces may include an astounding array of color dyes. The floors may be polished to various finishes, ranging from high gloss to matte, and treated to reveal light-to-heavy aggregates.

Also, you can add infinite creative finishing touches to personalize your flooring. Consequently, a magnificent, one-of-a-kind, distinctive floor was created.

Environment Friendly

Our work repurposes an existing item, namely your slab. We grind your floor to the subfloor, eliminating the need to purchase costly new floor coverings or often replace damaged flooring. Our floor treatment products emit no harmful waste and have a low VOC (volatile organic compound) content.

Contact Controltap now for the best Polished Concrete Flooring for your home or office.

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