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Controltap is a worldwide resin flooring specialist researching and producing resins to formulate surface coatings. We never take anything for granted, whether a product or after-sales service, Hence you can always rely on us.

We are industry leaders in installing epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems that adhere to the most stringent criteria.

Our Products

We specialize in producing and distributing a wide variety of epoxy materials.

Our firm provides a vast selection of modified aliphatic amine curing agents to support a variety of methods, including adduct gardeners, Mannich base hardeners, and their variants. All of these agents are highly valuable in a wide variety of applications. The aliphatic cured system is resistant to alkali assault.

Epoxy Self-Leveling

Epoxy SELF-leveling Innovation enables us to provide you with specialized Epoxy Self Leveling Services. The covering adheres to the floor using water and oil to make it clean, dust-free, and low-maintenance.

Available in various hues, these services are suitable for distinguishing zones and plant designs. These services are widely employed in different businesses based on consumer demand.

In addition, we promise the trustworthy execution of these services to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Epoxy Floor Finish

Epoxy resins have high tensile strength, a strong and long-lasting connection, and are simple to apply. We can provide various resin flooring services due to our highly trained personnel and cutting-edge equipment.

All given floor covering services are completed according to our client’s specifications and by the industry’s established regulations and standards. We strive to serve our esteemed clients efficiently, and to that end, our team of professionals interacts with the clients to understand and implement their precise needs.

EPU Flooring

These services offer workplace floors an attractive look without any difficulties in cleaning. The materials used are of the highest grade. Relevant in mechanical and commercial structures, these administrations provide substrate security and guard the floor against undesired substances, such as moisture (electrolyte) and oxygen.

These services are calculated using popular quality factor inputs by worldwide value standards.

Why Choose Us?

Our services dustproof the surface, are simple to maintain, offer excellent protection for the substrate, boost the substrate’s strength, are resistant to acids, chemicals, and abrasion, and quick-cure materials are available for rapid turnaround.

Our whole team is committed to innovation.

Our fervent teams are committed to discovering solutions to assist our partners in enhancing performance and efficiency, entering new markets, refining applications, and delivering cutting-edge goods to satisfy increasing requirements and environmental standards.

Benefits of using our services

We can provide customized goods and solutions that provide the optimal balance of field performance and cost-effectiveness. We provide superior customer service that exceeds industry standards.

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If you want resin flooring installed in your workplace or home, please get in touch with Controltap; our resin experts will help!

About ControlTap

ControlTap is a global specialized contracting company with its expertise in ( MEP systems – Flooring – waterproofing ) in large scale and challenging projects.

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