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Experience the future of energy with our leading Solar PV Systems services in Saudi Arabia. Our dedicated team offers unparalleled expertise in solar installations, ensuring your space is powered by clean and sustainable energy. From residential rooftops to commercial complexes, we tailor solutions to match your energy needs. Choose reliability, efficiency, and environmental consciousness – choose our Solar PV Systems services for a brighter and greener tomorrow in Saudi Arabia.

What are solar PV systems, and how do they work?

Solar energy is captured and converted into practical electricity for your home via photovoltaics (PV), also known as solar electricity panels. In addition, solar panels can be installed to create renewable electricity.

Each constructed of layers of silicon or another semi-conducting material, multiple cells make up a solar PV panel. This material, known as PV, conducts electricity when exposed to light. The cells can function properly even on cloudy days since they don’t require direct sunlight. On the other hand, power generation rises with sun intensity.

In conditions of high sunlight, each solar panel in Controltap Solar PV system in Saudi Arabia generates 300W of electricity on average. Typical Controltap systems contain roughly 15 panels and provide direct current (DC) electricity. In addition, the method includes an inverter to convert DC electricity to AC because household appliances require alternating current (AC). You can utilize this electricity within your house or export it to the grid.

Advantages of Solar Energy Systems

The sun generates vital energy. The solar energy that the sun provides our planet may be sufficient to meet our annual energy needs. One of the best methods to harness some of this solar energy is to install Controltap’s solar panels or solar power systems. The primary use of solar panels is to collect solar energy and turn it into the required amount of power. Solar cells included in these solar panels are in charge of gathering solar energy. Solar cells require just sunlight to function (Not just direct sunlight as most people think).

When considering the installation of solar panels, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. Let’s first have a look at a list of some of the significant advantages of using Controltap’s solar energy before getting into more detail on each benefit:

Electricity Cost Saving

Your monthly power expenses will decrease because you won’t have to pay for the energy generated. Additionally, you can get paid for the surplus energy you supply to the grid.

Return on Investment

Solar power has many benefits, including lower utility bills and revenue potential. You can make money by selling the extra power generated by the solar panels because net metering is involved. The system’s cost will be covered by the money you receive from net metering, energy bill savings, and other incentives.

Renewable & Eco-friendly Energy

A renewable energy source is solar electricity. It is always available and is usable in various regions of the planet. Solar energy will stay supplied as other energy sources do, and solar power will be available to humanity as long as the sun exists.

On the other hand, the environment is a critical deciding factor when deciding what kind of energy source to install in your home. Solar panels have almost no adverse effects on the environment, and they don’t produce dangerous gases like carbon with their energy. Additionally, they lessen the greenhouse effect.

Solar PV Systems in Saudi Arabia

No Dependency on Power Supply from Grid

If you install Controltap’s solar panels, you can generate your power. Consequently, you can benefit from energy independence. You don’t need to rely on or depend on the conventional power grid, and your energy source is something you can manage.

ControlTap Solar PV Systems Services in Saudi Arabia

Controltap Contracting Company offers the following types of Solar PV systems in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

  • Grid-Tied PV systems
  • PV Direct Systems
  • Off-grid PV systems
  • Grid-Tied PV systems with battery back-up
  • Hybrid PV systems
  • Car Park PV solutions
  • Pumping Solutions with PV
  • LED lighting solutions with PV

Please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team of professional installers at +966138204441 for more information or to figure out whether Controltap’s solar panel with battery storage system is good for you.

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