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Controltap relies on continually selecting the sector’s best practices and procedures to increase productivity and reliability. We are devoted to using modern methods, the most recent techniques, innovative approaches,eco-friendly building processes, and cutting-edge technological solutions. We continuously enhance our systems, apparatus, tools, and machines in response to technological advancement to deliver construction solutions and services far above expectations.

Controltap recognizes the value of a sound approach that sends a loud and clear statement to the world while keeping the workforce and corporate policies in line. We have put much effort into building a solid reputation in the KSA construction industry. We continually seek to enhance our tactics in response to customer requests to preserve and strengthen that reputation and market position.

In line with our vision and beliefs, our operational approach is as follows:

  •  Anticipate all hazards and effectively address them in advance.
  •  embrace sustainable working methods.
  •  work to improve the community and the environment.
  •  choose sustainable approaches and business methods.
  • Lead the sector as a firm that adheres to green building principles for the environment, health & safety, and business ethics.
  • build the most competent and committed team of employees possible.

Health and safety are yet another critical issue for clients and stakeholders. Controltap has adopted international safety standards (SOPs) as part of its working principles .We ensure To offer employees clear instructions to wear safety gear when necessary, operate machinery by safety regulations, and uphold the company’s aim of zero injuries. the safety SOPs are ingrained in our core values and conveyed across the organization. In addition to our employee’s health and safety, we choose safe building practices to create a dependable and robust construction site. To provide our clients with reliable and sturdy construction, we strictly adhere to building requirements and make sure that high-quality materials are employed.

Controtap values responsibility and openness and always does business ethically. Controltap operates around the principle of providing top-notch services efficiently and promptly. To achieve this goal, we choose high-quality materials, little waste (to save costs), and the hiring of a committed staff that can complete the project on schedule. We aim to develop into a reputable construction business you will turn to for all your building requirements. We wish to become the home for customers who long for innovation, novelty, and excellent quality.

About ControlTap

ControlTap is a global specialized contracting company with its expertise in ( MEP systems – Flooring – waterproofing ) in large scale and challenging projects.

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