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A core set of corporate values, in Controltap’s opinion, makes it simpler for us to make choices, promote cooperation and assist employees in collaborating, swiftly express principles to clients and consumers, and hire staff with the proper mindset.

According to our perspective, starting a business is similar to creating a community: if you want the community to work as a unit, you need a standard code, vision, identity, and ethos. This organizational culture determines who you bring in and how the community operates. The values of your community will change on their own if you don’t own, define, and care about them; they may do so in ways that are detrimental to your company.

Our core values serve as the cornerstones around which Controltap bases its operations. We emphasize excellence and high quality, which can only be achieved with a dedicated staff and an atmosphere welcoming to employers and promoting innovation and ongoing procedural development in line with international standards. As we seek to become the market leader, Controltap adheres to principles to boost employee morale and promote strong collaboration among our employees.


Fairness, honesty, transparency, and a commitment to moral and ethical correctness will characterize our corporate activity. We shall never waver in our commitment to morality and integrity.


Openness and honesty with clients and staff in the workplace set the tone from the top down and create many opportunities. One business that treats both its employees and customers honestly is Controltap.


At Controltap, encouraging harmony among all personnel working at all administrative levels requires trust. Employees may openly express their problems since they can trust their colleagues and superiors in our trustworthy culture.


The ability of a person or team to use their full cognitive potential (in terms of logical, fundamental-principles reasoning and creative/strategic thinking) to provide organized, unique, wise, and significant answers to issues that matter is referred to as ingenuity. Controltap is pleased to create a culture that encourages creativity.


Controltap employees are accountable for their job product, choices, actions, and workplace behavior. Additionally, it’s linked to higher worker morale and dedication to work, both of which improve performance.


The emphasis on simplicity in business includes simplifying processes, reducing procedures, and focusing a company’s attention on strategically growing the business rather than just utilizing growth as a metric.


Controltap promotes mutual respect for employees within a business and between them, customers, other stakeholders, and external parties (outside the organization). Our organization handles all contributions, ideas, and points of view with the utmost respect and professionalism.

About ControlTap

ControlTap is a global specialized contracting company with its expertise in ( MEP systems – Flooring – waterproofing ) in large scale and challenging projects.

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